DIY Wooden Baby Teethers

The teething pains have been real in our house! The only thing that soothes Luke, our 7 month old is something to gnaw those raw gums on. If he doesn’t have a toy in sight, then he’s chewing on whatever he can get those little hands on. Cords, socks, rugs, cell phones… (cue facepalm emoji) I try to keep an abundance of teethers so when he gets bored of one he can move onto another that’s actually meant (and safe!) for babies.

I’ve never been a huge fan of plastic, so I try to stick with silicone and wooden toys. They look nicer and those materials are known to be a bit safer. However, they are not cheap! I’ve definitely given into plastic more than I’d like to admit because of it. This is why I decided to try making a few of my own. I came up with a few inexpensive options that Luke seems to love!

Here’s what I used:

  • Macramé cord (I found this pretty blue color in-store at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wood rings
  • Large wood bead
  • 1.5mm macramé cord
  • Small wood beads
  • Silicone beads

My favorite is this bracelet-style rattle

It’s easy for baby to grip and the wooden rings make a rattle sound that he loves.

For this teether, you’ll start by cutting a 13″ strand of macramé rope.

Form it into a circle with a couple inches of cord overlapping.

Feed through two wooden rings.

Now, cut a long strand of cord approximately 4-5x the size of the smaller one.

Hold the base with the wooden rings in your hand where the two ends overlap.

You’ll begin tying square knots with the long strand here. Place the middle of the long strand behind the base. Doing it this way allows you to work the cord like it is two pieces, but without an ugly knot showing.

I’m not going to attempt to explain how to do a square knot because I know it won’t be very helpful! But here is a link to a helpful video.

This is how your teether should look after one knot.

And two..

And three…

Continue square knotting all the way around. When you get to the end, make sure you tuck in and knot around the tail.

Trim the ends and rub on a little non-toxic glue where they were trimmed to ensure it won’t unravel.

Make sure you let the glue dry thoroughly.

Once you get the hang of the square knots this is super quick and easy to do! Lukey loves chomping down on the finished product.

The tasseled teether is even easier.

For this teether, you’ll start by folding in half a 20-inch strand of macramé cord.

Put the loop through the center of a wooden ring.

Pull the ends through the loop.

Cut another piece of cord at about 30-inches, and begin square knotting.

Once you’ve square knotted about 2-3 inches down, cut the loose strands and reinforce the last knot with a dab of non-toxic glue.

Next string through your wooden bead. It helps to tape the ends of the cord with scotch tape.

Knot the ends and unravel the twists in the cord to form a tassel.

So easy!

The Silicone Teether

This last one, I made with 1.5mm macramé cord, silicone beads, and smaller wood beads.

Start by knotting the strand of cord around the wood ring the same as the tasseled teether. Tape the ends of the cord, and begin stringing the beads with a strong knot in between each one. Once you’ve reached your desired length tie the end off on a second wood ring using a strong knot. Lastly, you can reinforce all the knots with non-toxic glue.

If you decide to make this one make sure the knots are tight tight TIGHT. These smaller beads can be a choking hazard if they come undone.

So cute! Luke is loving his new little toys.

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