How I Started My Succulent Collection

I’m a little late on the succulent bandwagon, but I am so glad I finally got on board!

My husband and I have had back to back colds since moving to New Orleans. I’m not sure if the “city air” has anything to do with it, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add some houseplants to our home for the air purifying effect that they’re known for.

I’ve tried indoor and outdoor gardening a few times. Herbs, flowers, etc. but I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb! I’ve never had much luck keeping my plants alive. Succulents are pretty simple to care for, so hopefully, my determination is enough to keep these babies going!

Here’s what I learned and how I potted mine the economical way:

I bought all my plants at Home Depot. They have a cute little selection, and they’re not very expensive. I spent about $25 altogether for two large succulents, three small ones, and one cactus.

For the pots, I really wanted to stick with the modern look. I love the style of these, but my budget was limited for this project and they’re too small for what I was going for. Thankfully, I found these terracotta pots on sale for $1 a piece at Hobby Lobby.

I painted them white with some gloss finish acrylic paint to get the look I wanted. Definitely, use a foam paintbrush to avoid those pesky brush strokes my pots were left with.

I also scored at a thrift store and found these ceramic serving bowls for $2 a piece! They’re white, glossy, and sleek. Exactly what I wanted.

Because they weren’t specifically made to be planters, they didn’t have a draining hole at the bottom. My goal is to keep these plants alive as long as possible so I wasn’t about to risk drowning my poor little cactus. I used this drill bit specifically made for glass and ceramic to drill a small hole at the bottom.

The last one wasn’t DIYed, but I got a good deal for the pot and stand at TJ Maxx. It was slightly damaged, so I was able to wheel and deal them down to $7. A little on the pricier side for this project, but I needed a larger pot to house the three small succulents and it was just too cute to turn down.

The biggest cause of death for succulents and cacti is too much water, so I made sure to pot them with soil specifically made for them. (Found here) They’re high-light plants so I’m also displaying them in the living room, which gets the most possible natural light. Fingers crossed my little plants have what they need to stay alive!

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