Introduction: The Internet Welcomes Yet Another DIY Blog

This dream of mine started as a teenager. I’ve always had a DIY passion, and I was practically raised in a thrift store. A good deal turned into a self-made masterpiece is what I live for. I’ve read and gushed over DIY blogs for years. They’re all gorgeous with talented, strong, beautiful women writing them. Every single one is inspiring and refreshing in their own way. I’ve always thought, I can totally do that, but I never got around to it, never had the money, etc. And let’s be real, does the internet really need another DIY blog?? Probably not! But I truly believe I have a place here.

The question is, how can I set myself apart from the rest? I can’t say that I know 100% yet, but I can say this: there are people out there like me. People that drool over magazines, Pinterest posts, and HGTV. People that have a vision for their home, their closet, or their families. People that work hard and dream big, but struggle just to put food on the table and hardly scrape by with money left over after bills. 

Normal people like me don’t have specialty tools, reclaimed wood (etc.) at their disposal. Many of the cliche “budget-friendly” projects turn out to cost a lot more than ready-made once you take that into consideration. There has to be a better way, and I’m on a mission to find it! If you can relate, please join me while I try to express my expensive tastes without jeopardizing my family’s budget.

Lots of love!




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