Silk Roses DIY

I’ve slowly been trying to add more character to our small, cookie-cutter apartment. Flowers are such a great way to bring color and life to an otherwise dull and empty space. But fresh flower bouquets are my least favorite thing to take care of. They don’t last long, they stink, and they shed leaves everywhere. It’s just not my thing.

I decided to try making silk flowers because they’re life-like, just as beautiful, and they don’t attract dust the way paper flowers do. Plus they’re wayyy easier to make than I thought they would be!

I had some extra silk fabric left over from the bolt I used to make my wedding dress. So this was also a neat sentimental project since my dress will most likely spend the rest of its life tucked away in the closet.

Here’s how to make them!

What you’ll need:

  • Silk fabric (I bought mine here)
  • 1/8″ wooden dowel
  • Floral stem wrapping tape (found here)
  • Faux leaves (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • A hot glue gun or fabric glue

Start by cutting your fabric to an 8″ by 39″ rectangle

Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise and sew the long sides together using a needle and thread. Once you get to the end and sew your last stitch, give the needle a few light tugs so the stitches are gathered to half its original size.

The gathered edge should be about 19″-20″

Take your wooden dowel and glue one corner of your silk to the top of it. The sewed side should be facing down.

If you’re using a hot glue gun make sure to give it a few seconds to cool/dry. If you’re using fabric glue I found it’s best to pinch the two sides together for about 30 seconds before continuing each step.

Fold the top edge down to the dowel and then fold that half down again.

Glue that down and begin carefully rolling it into a rose shape.

Continue to fold the fabric as you go slowly making it wider and wider and gluing it down every half turn or so.

It’s hard to explain it in any more detail than that. You kind of just have to work and mold the fabric into the shape that you want.

Keep turning, folding, and twisting. Find what looks right and glue it down.

By the time you’ve reached the end, you should have something about like this.

Don’t worry about any little flaws. No rose is perfect.

Next, take your faux leaves and use wire cutters to clip individual leaves off of the stem.

Glue the individual leaves all the way around the base of the rose.

My favorite part was wrapping the stem with the floral wrapping tape. This stuff is like magic. It sticks perfectly and really finishes the whole thing off.

Start at the base of the rose where the leaves are glued on and wrap the tape all the way down the dowel. Make sure to wrap the base of the rose really well to hide where the leaves have been glued.

I chose to cut two smaller stems of leaves and wrap them onto the stem with the floral tape. This is totally optional. I honestly feel like it’s a little to busy so I might go back and clip some leaves off later on.

Whatever works for you 😊

The end result is so pretty! I’m excited to knock out a few more so I have a full bouquet.

Thanks for tuning in!❤️

– Karis

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