Wannabe Macramé Wall Hanging DIY

If you know me, you know one of my biggest pet peeves is a bare wall. I hate them. I never feel at home until I put some substance on the walls. Our dining room wall is one in particular that has been driving me extr crazy. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

I’ve seen a lot of macramé wall hangings lately. I love the look, but I decided to try something similar (and easier!) to give the wall the most coverage possible. So no fancy knots here! Just one large and simple statement piece.

Here’s what I used:

  • 3′ long wooden dowel
  • A small can of wood stain (I used dark walnut)
  • Two skeins of bulky yarn (I used Lion Brand)
  • Thin macrame rope
  • A 40″ length of jewelry chain
  • 4mm and 15mm jump rings

Start by staining your dowel with an old rag. Just a nice thin coat does the trick.

While the dowel dries, you can start cutting your yarn. I cut mine to about 100 inch lengths. They’re better off too long than too short! It took every bit of my two balls of yarn, but they turned out to make just the right amount.

Next, you’ll knot your yarn to the dowel. Fold 1 length of yarn in half and place it under the dowel.

Take the ends over the dowel, through the loop, and pull them tight.

Keep repeating until you’ve filled the dowel except for a few inches on each side.

I originally did just the brown yarn, but I felt like it was missing something. I ended up going back and adding thin macrame rope strands every 2-3 brown yarn knots. It made it look fuller and gave it more interest and depth, but this step is definitely optional!

It’s much easier to cut the chevron edge once it’s hung on the wall, so next, we’ll make the chain.

Cut 40″ of jewelry chain and a 15mm jump ring to either side using 4mm jump rings.

Then add the last 15mm jump ring to the center of the chain. (20″ on either side)

This piece is pretty heavy, the weight of it can cause the chain to bunch up the yarn once it’s hung up. To fix this I put a mark 2 inches from the edge on either side of the dowel.

Then, use a small drill bit to cut indentations for the jump rings to sit in. Just drag the bit back and forth until it’s just deep enough for the rings.

Now, hang that bad boy up on the wall. I used a medium sized nail and did my best to hammer it into a stud.

To cut the inverted point, place a mark that is 12 inches from the bottom and in the very center of all the yarn. Then you’ll cut a diagonal line from the mark to the edge of either side. I had my husband hold up a large piece of paper to guide where I was cutting. Hopefully, this picture helps explain it!

After, you can go back in and clean up the lines to make sure they’re straight and even.

And that’s it! Super easy! It suits our little dining area perfectly, and I had the chain and jump rings leftover from the Shrinky Dink wall hanging, so this little guy only cost me $10 after purchasing the yarn and dowel.

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